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[eBook] The Ultimate Guide to Engaging Your Audience With Curated Newsletters

Discover our eBook and find how to engage your audience with curated newsletters!

[Webinar] How to set up a content hub & newsletter with

Learn how can help you build a content hub to monitor your key topics. How it helps curate and share your content within your team or outside the company.

[New eBook] The Ultimate Guide to Engage Your Audience With Curated Newsletters

A company’s content is how that company exists online. It is not the only way it exists: there are customer reviews, partnerships, word of mouth on social media, and many other corners of the internet that enable people to find you even if you’re not the one posting there…

Four Email Newsletter Design Tips to Help You Achieve Your Marketing Objectives

Email marketing has never been optional for any internet marketer. Sure, some have successfully avoided it and undergone shortcuts like buying email lists and what not’s, but in the wake of the EU’S GDPR law, that will have terrible consequences.

7 examples of exceptional curated emails [& how to create your own]

Want to try one of the best marketing time savers… just in time for the lazy days of August? We’ve got just the thing.

If you’ve been curating content on social media but haven’t taken the leap into putting curated content into your email updates, it’s time to try. This post will show you how easy it is to create exceptional curated emails. And how many first-rate marketers are doing it.

How to Maximize the Impact of Email Newsletters With Content Curation

One of the best ways to build trust with your audience is by opening a two-way communication channel.

Social media has provided this for a long time now. Everyone can now tweet, message, and tag brands through channels they hang out on.