Content curation resources

Research, organize and publish curated content for:

Internal audiences: Engage your employees with content for social selling programs, market intelligence, industry news, HR resources, ...

External audiences: Engage leads, customers and partners to increase presence online and boost your thought leadership

[Webinar] How to get the most out of

In this webinar, discover how to use the solution, but also how your team and network can benefit from your curation. We will go over the basics, the editing process and also the different options to distribute your content.

[eBook] The Ultimate Guide to level up your business with online reputation

What your customers say about you online matters. Here’s a taster of how people shape their opinions of brands today…. discover our eBook about online reputation

[eBook] The Ultimate Guide to Engaging Your Audience With Curated Newsletters

Discover our eBook and find how to engage your audience with curated newsletters!

[Webinar] How to set up a content hub & newsletter with

Learn how can help you build a content hub to monitor your key topics. How it helps curate and share your content within your team or outside the company.

3 Key Ingredients for Marketers to Provide Content that Sales Reps Love

Content marketing is no longer a new fad. It is a proven model to increase your brand’s visibility, develop thought leadership, and generate leads. In fact, 65% of brands who report being successful with content marketing have documented their content marketing strategy.

How to boost your thought leadership with content 2/2

Tips on building your thought leadership with content marketing. If you’re ready to infuse more thought leadership into your content, here are some fundamental tips to get you started.

How to boost your thought leadership with content 1/2

Content marketing helps you reach more people through relevant channels and answer their questions, which ultimately builds trust. Thought leadership allows you to develop and share an authoritative voice that helps others make the right decisions.

[New eBook] The Ultimate Guide to Engage Your Audience With Curated Newsletters

A company’s content is how that company exists online. It is not the only way it exists: there are customer reviews, partnerships, word of mouth on social media, and many other corners of the internet that enable people to find you even if you’re not the one posting there…

Four Email Newsletter Design Tips to Help You Achieve Your Marketing Objectives

Email marketing has never been optional for any internet marketer. Sure, some have successfully avoided it and undergone shortcuts like buying email lists and what not’s, but in the wake of the EU’S GDPR law, that will have terrible consequences.

Social Employee Advocacy: How To Use Content Curation To Get Better Results

To succeed in Content Marketing it’s essential to create quality content that provides answers to the questions your target audience have. The more accurate answer you’ll be able to contribute, the bigger impact you’ll have. It’s a no-brainer.

How to Use Content Curation to Improve Sales Enablement

When marketing and sales work together in close alignment, they can help companies close 38% more deals. Sales enablement connects marketing and sales by the key roles each plays in educating prospects, closing deals and contributing to growth.

Content Curation and WordPress: The Perfect Fit

The demand for companies to create quality content is at an all-time high—and it’s no surprise. The alternatives simply don’t work. If you’re creating mediocre or inconsistent content, you can’t stand out, and if you’re not creating content at all, there’s no way for your target audience to find you.

4 ways to integrate with WordPress

Before we even launched our public version, we recognized that a lot of content curators were also occasional or regular bloggers and started to offer ways to integrate with WordPress – the leading blogging platform.

The Ultimate Guide to Content Creation and SEO

Everything you do online to market your business boils down to a simple end goal: attracting qualified traffic that you can successfully convert into clients and customers.

6 ways to rethink corporate knowledge sharing

The quest to effectively share knowledge within a company is one that still appears elusive. How do you keep on top of your competitors’ developments? How do you monitor articles that mention your brand?

What is the ROI of a knowledge sharing platform?

In a previous article, I gave you a few tips on how and why you should implement a knowledge sharing solution in your company. This represents a significant investment, and we’re fully aware of it.

How to Use Content Curation to Improve Your Social Media Efficiency While Getting Results

Want to grow your brand, increase fans, and start selling more?

Then you need to follow the marketing trends that guide the way people do business online. And today’s biggest market trend? Social media.

7 examples of exceptional curated emails [& how to create your own]

Want to try one of the best marketing time savers… just in time for the lazy days of August? We’ve got just the thing.

If you’ve been curating content on social media but haven’t taken the leap into putting curated content into your email updates, it’s time to try. This post will show you how easy it is to create exceptional curated emails. And how many first-rate marketers are doing it.

Content curation: your best bet if you’re looking to save time and money

Paul Chaney outlines the numerous benefits of content curation to help you publish good content if you’re struggling to find time or money. Some people still think curation could mean duplicate content.

Content Curation Strategy: A Comprehensive Hands-On Guide

When businesses decide to give content curation a shot, they usually take one of the two paths: they jump in head-first with no strategy at all, or they overthink they strategy and rarely do anything.

You can see the first scenario quite often, and it’s no surprise.

Content curation: the complete guide to leverage third-party content

Content curation actually covers much more than just social sharing, and can help your content marketing results in ways you don’t imagine. 

Content curation should be a daily habit for all marketers

Neil Patel lists 5 daily habits you can (and should) start doing if you want your rankings to go up and get more results out of your content marketing efforts:1. Write and publish one article

5 content curation examples so good they’ll make you jealous

You know how “a picture is both a thousand words”, right?Well, sometimes just showing an example is the best way to illustrate an idea.In that spirit, it seemed about time for a round up of some great examples of
content curation.

[New eBook] How To Boost Your Thought Leadership With Content

Content marketing helps you reach more people through relevant channels and answer their questions, which ultimately builds trust. Thought leadership allows you to develop and share an authoritative voice that helps others make the right decisions.

How to Maximize the Impact of Email Newsletters With Content Curation

One of the best ways to build trust with your audience is by opening a two-way communication channel.

Social media has provided this for a long time now. Everyone can now tweet, message, and tag brands through channels they hang out on.

[Replay] How to drive more shares and traffic to your content

Find out how you can drive more traffic and more shares than any of your competitors.  If you want to double your shares or traffic, join us and we’ll show you how!

[Replay] Is less more in content marketing? A data-driven answer

Is less more in content marketing? We used content intelligence to back our research and contribute to the quantity vs quality debate in content marketing. If you want to know the answer, watch replay!

What is content intelligence – How data-driven marketers will dominate

Content Intelligence is defined as technology that provides data and insights on owned and third-party content to increase results from marketing.

[Replay] Stop letting your content fall flat: how to spread your stories like wildfire

Catch up on our webinar with content marketing expert Ross Simmonds – he covered a handful of different strategies and tactics that you can take to help your content soar and spread like wildfire.

[Replay] Your guide to creating unicorn content by discovering and capitalizing on topic trends

Stop ignoring data: watch content marketing influencer Julia Mc Coy create trending, high-ranking content for her audience!