Scaling demand generation through content marketing automation – case study

Driving employee engagement and advocacy through internal content

How a mid-size consulting firm built an internal content curation machine and efficiently generated employee advocacy using curated newsletters


“Which content generates the most engagement?
How can I measure this and produce more of it?”

The challenges

This mid-size consulting firm employs hundreds of people. As they’ve grown, they wanted to engage their employees, turn them into company advocates, and promote company news internally. They know employee advocacy is essential for a rock-solid foundation for the company to keep growing on.

The challenge? Doing this on such a large scale and in an efficient, automated way. They already had so much internal content, but they didn’t have a way to label and curate it in a way that made sense for their employees. This also made it hard to distribute internal content effectively. Writing an email from scratch every time was too manual and impossible to streamline.

This client wanted to have a central hub of internal content, as well as a place to curate industry news, so that they can curate and send a valuable, engaging internal newsletter. Ideally, this would be a solution that allowed specific team members to look after the internal content hub and ensured it can’t get accessed from outside the company.

“Implementing enabled us to share quality content faster with the team while having a direct impact on customer engagement.”

The solution: Enterprise was implemented to curate internal content, surface and categorize industry news, distribute it effectively to thousands of company employees, and measure newsletter engagement.


Content calendar


Content distribution and embedding


Content suggestion engine


Campaign analytics

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