Sharing market trends through a curated weekly newsletter

Sharing market trends through a curated weekly newsletter

How a SaaS company leverages curated content in their weekly newsletter to become a relevant industry source

 “How can I follow and share industry trends with such a small, busy team?
How can I accelerate decision making?”

The challenges

This SaaS company provides customer experience solutions to large organizations. Their goal was to track industry changes and trends. This would enable them to publish an engaging weekly newsletter for their audience to keep up with recent industry news.

One of the biggest struggles was spending a lot of time jumping between various tools to gather this content and curate valuable news. Another challenge was making sure that the entire team could contribute so that the news wouldn’t depend on just one team member. The team needed a central system so they can curate content for business intelligence needs and generate a weekly newsletter with ease.

This client also seeked a solution that would streamline these efforts and save them time instead of having to do manual search every day or every week. Not only would it reduce the chance of missing an important piece of content, but it would also surface the trending news and alert the team on the day they happen.

“We use to easily curate and organize all industry content that impact our business. We analyze and add our expert insight in clicks and share with decision makers in a customized weekly newsletters. When performing a performance analysis, we found that these newsletters are already opened and clicked more than 80%. Not a bad payback after approximately 3 weeks!”

The solution: Enterprise was implemented with these objectives: enable every team member to curate news, automate content alerts, build a customizable weekly newsletter with curated content that’s easy to add and feature.

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