Generating content at scale for multiple markets and products – case study

Generating content at scale for multiple markets and products

How a Fortune 500 company curates its best resources as well as third-party content
to run dozens of content marketing programs tailored to various industries and clients


“The corporate marketing team is focused on big programs and generic messages. But my own sales team and customers need content tailored to their specific markets and products.”

The challenges

This giant Fortune 500 technology company produces a lot of content – maybe too much content. Sure, the key corporate messages are clear and well executed. But it was really hard for account teams and business development representatives to identify the specific content that would resonate with their own particular customers in their respective industries.

Marketers in charge of supporting account teams for a specific industry or product line needed a simple and flexible solution to curate the right resources and content for the right clients.

“ is very intuitive to use. It enables our sales executives to access content to share that is unique and differentiated to external customers.”

The solution: Enterprise version enables dozens of marketers to easily publish content hubs with selected resources to support the prospecting and client nurturing efforts of their sales teams.

These hubs can be created by any marketer without any IT support and can be distributed as email newsletters to the sales executives teams or directly to clients. Marketers can also supplement company-produced resources with third-party content that discovers for them automatically and that reinforces their message and credibility. Built-in analytics give a precious feedback loop to the marketing leaders who understand what content performs, which team is using it most and how it is received by clients.

From an initial small group of early adopters, Enterprise rapidly grew organically to be used by 70+ marketing program leaders who created more than 450 content hubs for dozens of industries, product lines and clients.

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